Where Would We Be Without Gutters

Gutters are very much the unsung heroes of modern living because no one notices what they do until they decide to stop doing it. Gutters are there to guide the flow of water. This is especially noted when there are heavy rains and someone has forgotten to clear the gutters and now the water is being sprayed everywhere and no one is in a good mood because their shoes care all wet, and no one like to spend the day wearing wet shoes.

This is just one simple example of how gutters affect our daily lives. If you try and imagine a world without gutters then you better think of a world without lot more than just gutters. High street fashion would never be the same. Shoes owe most their lives to gutters and as a result a great many people al around the world owe their lives to gutters. This is a very bold remark, but it is backed by the fact that the shoe industry is so big and is worth so much money.

The reason the gutters are saving all these lives is because if we did not have gutters and some clever person had not come up with the idea of channelling the flow of water no one would be wearing shoes. They would become redundant overnight because in the absence of gutters the only practical shoes or footwear which can be worn are gumboots or wellingtons.

While we only notice gutters when it rains heavily, they are hard at work all the time. There is so much water flowing in the gutters beneath our feet that the volumes are staggering. The water is not just coming from rain but also form domestic and commercial drains and pipes and taps. The sewage lines that carry all the waste of a city are flowing right under your very pricy high heels and other expensive shoes, without gutters people would be wading to work and the stench would be quite unreal so next time you are strolling along, look down and be grateful for humble gutters.

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