What you didn’t know about interior painting – Myth vs. truth

For a few people the idea of painting their homes by themselves is more daunting than exciting. Many would rather leave it to the so called experts, designers and decorators only to have your home looking nothing like you would have wanted but still settling for it. The good news is that painting your home can be fun and shouldn’t be viewed as torture after all it is just paint and you can always change it if you are unhappy with the outcome.
We have compiled a list of things that may help you view painting your home in a different light and hopefully get you to loosen up about the whole idea.

Myth    It is better to have an expert than to do the job yourself.
Fact     Many people paint DIY style and they do a perfectly good job at it. The key is preparation. Preparation of the surface that is about to be painted on and preparation of the tools that are to be used.

Myth     Always stick to neutral colours and hues that are ‘normal’.
Fact     Contrary to popular beliefs, you can experiment with colour for the inside of your house. Step out of the box and do something different for a change. The traditional indoor colours have gotten boring and predictable.

Myth     High gloss paint is always the best option.
Fact     You can choose any type of paint for different types of rooms in your house. There is no need to stick to high gloss for every room. In the kid’s room, high gloss painting maybe feasible because it is easy to clean but in other rooms such as the main bedroom where you would also want to use stencils as decor you can opt for Eggshell paints or other types.

Myth     Cheap paints are a bargain.
Fact     Longevity is important when it comes to paints. You want a type of paint that will last longer and dry quickly without buckling or tearing. It is better to invest in a good paint than settle for a cheaper brand.

Myth     Paint must match furniture.
Fact     If you have a theme o9r a colour scheme that you are working on, it doesn’t mean that your house has to look like something from a Disney cartoon. Not everything should match to the tee. Play with contrasts, lights and shades and different textures, its far more tasteful.

Myth      You dont have to damp proof the walls before painting.

Fact        Without a damp treatment on the walls, after painting the paint will swell up and crack. Its best if you apply a damp treatment before painting.

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