What comes after stainless steel?

All major manufacturers of kitchen designs are wondering what successor the ever popular stainless steel will have. One thing is for certain though, and that is that this is a defining moment in the kitchen design industry. While the stainless steel kitchen designs with granite counter tops have always been the more dominant look in modern homes, there does not seem to be a clear frontrunner as its replacement.

The appliance industry is responsible for the attempted promotion and advertisement of kitchen renovation which haven’t enjoyed that much success. Recently the manufacturers in the industry made pitches for antique copper and oiled bronze looks, as well as ‘meteorite,’ a hue coloured medium. They also attempted to promote aluminium as the new caeserstone. However, none of these materials have been able to replace the ever popular stainless steel.

The Whirlpool Corporation, being the world’s leader in home-appliances only recently went on to introduce its “Ice Collection” appliances. This also went on to include a glossy white finish which is sure to drive a kitchen renovation revolution. Whirlpool went on to say that White is definitely the new stainless steel, while Wolf Appliance that black is certainly the new stainless steel.

Only recently General Electric went on to introduce microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators in an understated grey which is known as ‘slate’. These new materials and colours might not be as vibrant as previous eras’ harvest gold and avocado green themes, but they attempt to blend with their surroundings as opposed to parade around as a technology trophy, the way stainless steel is prone to do.

It is always a gamble to introduce a new finish. Development will always take more than a year and while stores are willing to afford more space to innovative ideas, the manufacturers will normally need to work successfully in only a specific number of allocated slots. Thus, an unsuccessful product will then put the company’s sales under pressure.

These are only some of the elements of kitchen design and bathroom renovation that keeps the industry on its toes and ever exciting.

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