What Are Frameless Showers

Showers and shower accessories are the “in thing” these days.  Gone are the days of deep ball claw tubs and jacuzzi sized baths.  All the rage these days in the world of showers is the frameless shower. 

A flameless shower basically refers to the door or doors of the shower.  We all know the shower curtain of days gone by.  Then came the glass doors with their thick linings and handles.  These days you can have a totally glassed up shower with no frames to speak of.  You have to look really closely to even see that there is a door there at all.

Flameless showers and shower doors are very popular as they stay a lot cleaner than their predecessors and they are also a lot more fashionable. 

There are many different types of frameless shower doors and they come in varying shapes and sizes.  These showers and shower doors are very reasonably prices therefore you will be very happy going out and finding one that suits you and your home.  Many bath and shower manufacturers have reported that having frameless doors installed in your shower or your bathroom can be done for less than having your bathroom tiled out!

Frameless shower doors can be fitted onto any shower these days.  Al you need to do is get a contractor out to your house and have him take measurements of your shower.  Then the doors can be made according to specification.  Be aware that the more requirements you ask of the contractor, the more you will be charged at the end of the day, so try to keep your requests simple and specific. 

The glass in the frameless shower doors come in different options as well.  You have your normal see-through glass, ripples glass, patterned glass as well as sand blasted glass.  The sand blasted option is very popular.  Keep in mind that frameless showers and doors are very convenient as they don’t take long to clean and they are very durable as well.  Have a look on the internet at the different options out there that is available in frameless showers.

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