Warm, Winter Romance By The Fireplace

The fireplace, in some form or another, has always been a part of our lives and it serves many purposes. The practical uses of a fireplace include cooking and providing warmth. In situations of limited resources, the fireplace is also a source of light. Nowadays, however, fireplaces have more decorative qualities than anything. The heat from a fire is appreciated on a cold winter night but a fireplace enhances the ambiance of the home creating the perfect setting for closeness.
The fireplace is a common feature on pages of romance novels and scenes of love stories in all kinds of media forms. The fireplace is to romance what the heart is to love. The two go hand in hand. A room with a fireplace is immediately welcoming and comforting in its warmth. Romance is all those things and more. Fireplaces, hot coffee mugs, marshmallows and long conversations are the stuff daydreams are made of.  
Modern fireplaces are better from an environmental perspective because they are fuel efficient and have less toxic emissions. Though they take the hassle out of getting the fire started, they do not have the same mildly seductive quality of the sound of crackling, burning wood as the fire intensifies and the conversation gets a little more personal. Relationships are started in front of fireplaces, problems are talked through in the heat of burning fire and wonderful memories are made in the warm and intimate security of the fireplace.
A fantastic romantic image is that of coming back from a long day of work and the children are away for the weekend. A delicious light meal is laid out a few feet from the fireplace and it is accompanied by a recently opened bottle of red wine. There is a soft sound of instrumental jazz music; so soft you can hear the crackle of the flame. Your lover in a flattering yet effortless outfit with a glass of wine in one hand, stroking your cheek with the other as they greet you, inviting you to some light conversation before a long even of romance.

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