Under Floor Heating The Warmth Of Invention

What is under floor heating?

Under floor heating is a type of heating the room by heating underneath (the carpet, wood and tiles floors). In under floor heating, a caution should be taken in heating wood floor due to the fact that it enlarges in the heat. It is imperative that the system used transfers the heat slowly and meticulously up to a suggested highest heat of 27 Degree Celsius.

Types of under floor heating

Water heating system
In a water system, warm water is propelled into a certain type of small pipes organised to channel warmth faster and consistently into the room or house. The small pipes are positioned to be 150 and 200 mm apart. The pipes are linked to a section which has the warming spring and turning propeller. The warm water is then transferred into the pipes that direct the warmth to the floor. Then the heated floor will generate warmth in the room by warming up partitions, barriers, furniture and persons. This method is considered the same way the world is getting its heat from the solar system.

Tubing heating system
It is fitted on top of the existing wedges and is shielded already prior finalising the fittings. The shielding substance should at least be 35mm apart to ensure full shielding for tiles and 40mm for carpeted and wooden floors. It will be wise to install padding under the solid blocks to ensure that the heat does not escape. This padding is normally done by putting damp proof sheets straight on the hard solid blocks underneath the floor.
Cut –in under floor heating

Cut-in under floor heating is applicable to all types of floors, which are tiles, carpets and wood. The heating tubes are installed deeper by 8 to 10mm in the floor concrete. After that there will be padding of composite with the aim of protecting the tubes.
Under floor heating problems

  • Coldness in the under floor heating system
  • Faulty regulator that allows the flow through receiving instruction from the heat controlling device.
  • Faulty Coil not responding.
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