Transform Your Home With Floor Tiles

Tiles are exciting way to spruce up the home; people can have so much fun choosing the best tiles to go along with the décor in the home. There are tiles for almost every room you can think of in the house as well as roofs and decorative pieces. Tiles are a versatile flooring option because homeowners can find the perfect tiles for the interior as well as exterior of the home.  This means that the décor theme can flow in a beautifully from inside the house to the outside in a trail of stylish tiles. Tiles are also very easy to clean and do not require much effort to maintain so they are perfect for families with young children.  

Many different materials are used to make tiles. Stone, metal and for those with a taste for the modern and unconventional, tiles are also available in glass.
Lightweight materials like perlite, wood and mineral wool are also used in the manufacture of tiles. The word ‘tile’ comes from the French word ‘tuile’ and that word is derived from the Latin word for clay tiles ‘tegula’. These days, clay is just one of many materials used to make tiles. Porcelain, cork and granite are more interesting options.  

Ceramic tiles are the most preferred tiles and they come in many variations. The water absorption rate of different ceramics gives them their various categories.
For example, earthenware has a water absorption rate of 10 %. It is easy to manipulate and decorate earthenware but, because of its water retention qualities, it is ideal for the interior of the home.
Stoneware has a significantly low water retention rate and it is resistant to frost. Stoneware is recommended for floors that are exposed to a lot of foot traffic.
Porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles have an impressively low water retention rate and are best for bathrooms, showers and kitchens. Glazed tiles can be distinguished into two main types; wall tiles and floor tiles. Finding the best tiles is only good home improvement store away.

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