Time-Saving Tips For Cleaning A Glass Shower Door

´╗┐If you have a shower in your bathroom, particularly one that comes with a glass door, you will be able to appreciate how difficult it is to maintain the sparkle of that door with everyone taking showers every day. Glass shower doors are some of the most difficult parts of the home to clean. It is easy to move a wet cloth right across them, but the hazy streaks that are left behind are a nightmare to get rid of.

The most recommended way of getting the glass shower door back to its sparkling state in a few minutes is with the use of vinegar. How this works is: first, the glass door has to be wet so leaving hot water to run for a few seconds in order to create steam on the glass is a good idea. Or just clean the shower door right after someone has taken a shower.
Next, dilute vinegar into water using a measurement ratio of 1:1. The size will obviously vary depending on the size of the shower door; some people may only require a glass some a full bucket. This mixture must then be sprayed on to the shower door and left for a few minutes. After that, all that is needed is to remove the mixture from the shower door using some kind of wiper.

This method for cleaning your shower door is very easy and much more effective than the old methods which required repeated applying and wiping of water from the glass door.
To save time while cleaning your glass door, it is a good idea to use clean materials the first time around. This is because no matter how effective the method being used is, if the cloth or wiper used is dirty or dusty, it will leave the unwanted streaks on the door which will mean you have to keep on doing the same process over and over in order to get satisfactory results.

Also, try to avoid using materials which were not made for the purpose of cleaning glass. Wool, for example, will leave little strands of itself on the surface when being used to clean. Rather use cloths which are made to clean glass without leaving any sort of stain behind.

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