Tiling Your Floor

We all like the feeling of a ‘comfy’  carpet between our toes, but that comfort comes with disadvantages like how hard it is to effectively clean that carpet, and that dust mites become your home’s permanent guests, not to mention the  odor that a carpet will cling to if it needs to be replaced.    That is why floor tiles are any property owner’s best friend.   
Most people use ceramic tiles to tile their homes, and what kind of tiles you buy depends on the area you wish you tile, the colour that you want to use and obviously the budget that you want to allocate to tiling that area.  If tiling your kitchen for example it is best to use 12×12 inch tile, irrespective of the colour that you want to use.  It is also a good idea to use textured tiles when tiling your kitchen.   The reason for recommending texture is that kitchen are mostly used for entrances from the outside, and when it’s been raining and wet, textured tiles are not as slippery as smooth, silky tiles.    
The other room in the house where textured tiles come into play is the bathroom.  It is inevitable that bathroom floor tiles will be splashed with water at some point or another, obviously because that is where people take a bath, so slipping on the tiles is not something you want.   Using brick pavers, quarry tiles; slate or even limestone is convenient for your bathroom. These tiles offer the grip that your feet will need on a wet bathroom floor.  
Tiling your study room, the dining room right down your hallway to the living room is also a very good idea.   The reason is that tiles do not show ‘wear and tear’ due to walking on them all the time, whereas carpets will form a path in due course because there is a path that get’s walked on all the time.   The other major advantage that you may not be aware of is that tiles increase the value of your home if you were ever to sell it.

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