The Rise Of The Domestic Bathroom

Domestic bathrooms have seen a massive transformation in their status in the recent times. The bathroom used to a functional rom that you went into to do one of three things: either you needed the toilet, or you needed a bath or shower. As long as the bathroom fulfilled these people were happy. Well those days are gone. People will spend as much getting bathrooms done up as they would on a smallish car. A result of this change in mind-set has meant that the domestic industry is now huge and many former building contractors have now switched over to specialising in bathroom makeovers.  

It is now not uncommon to walk into someone’s bathroom and feel as though you have just stepped into a very swanky hotel. This is not the case for the rich only. Your average middle class family will spend a fortune on their bathrooms. It is as though they see their bathrooms as an achievable status symbol, something to put hem on a par with movie stars or any television celebrity. Television shows like Cribs just fuels this fire.

Funnily enough this is not often the case with bachelors. Men, it seems are generaly content with a completely functional bathroom. It does matter if the mats do not match the bathroom curtains. This does not stop them from being effective. This obsession with bathroom makeovers is often one of the major factors why many men avoid going to the altar and even avoid moving in together. This is not to say that men’s bathrooms are shabby, after all many men refer to the toilet as their throne and that alone should tell you how highly they value the bathroom, however, they are quite  content with a bathroom that has nothing more than a shower, a toilet and basin ( all in plain white )

So the bathroom has become so much more than just a room with a bath. It is now a room that people want to show off. This alone is quite bizarre, because you can never be sure who the last occupant was and whether or not your nose is ready for the possible onslaught.

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