The New Wave Of Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom used to just be a place where people went to perform one or two of a prescribed list of functions: either they going to have a wash or just freshen up or they were going to use the loo. There were no other ideas about what a bathroom could possibly be used for. The bathroom has taken on a whole new personality in the last while. People are coming up with new bathroom ideas every day, and as the market for bathroom improvements grow, so the ideas that people are coming up with for their bathroom are getting more and more way out.  

At first it was the shower that came under scrutiny. Many people felt that that the glass door for the shower was a brilliant idea and did not see that need to come up with any new ideas ( clearly this was a man ), because the ladies have always been a bottomless source of new ideas when it comes to any form of remodelling, especially the bathroom. So we saw the emergence of the frosted shower door, in case you had the bright idea to shower with the bathroom door open and were worried about privacy. Then someone came up with the bright idea of building a free standing circular shower stall, which while decorative is still had practical functionality.  

Basins were next on the bathroom ideas list, all of a sudden one sink was not enough in the bathroom and if your bathroom did not have his and hers sinks then you were living in the dark ages.

 The bathtub, something that has become a bit of a relic as the shower has grown to replace it, but because the clever amongst us are always coming up with new ideas, we have seen the bathtub make a huge comeback in the form of kidney shaped baths with awesome water jet functions.  

The toilet has long being considered the throne of the bathroom and any new ideas regarding this sacred domain have had to be very carefully thought out, so now we live in an age of blood warm toilet seats and bidets.

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