The New Range Of Bathroom Ideas

 The bathroom used to be a place where all that one did was take care of the essential bit of personal hygiene that people considered necessary. The bathroom only ever had a few components, namely the bath, the basin and the toilet, well those days are long gone because the bathroom has taken on a whole new dimension of style.  

The humble bathroom has gone on to become one of the most tenderly decorated rooms in the home. The new bathroom ideas that coming onto the market are very impressive even if many of them do feel slightly unnecessary. The towel rail that heats up is a great little innovation that does add to the bathroom experience, but no one could ever say that it is vital.  

The same applies to the, his and hers basins that can now be found in nearly every bathroom in the burbs. All it took was for one person to see it on the telly and get in their homes, before the entire suburb had heard about it and now wanted it too. This whole notion of  his and hers basins is quite silly really because it is not as if he has as many bathroom supplies as she does, and even if he did, she would still out her stuff all over his side of the bathroom. Instead of going to all that expense of building the, his and hers basins in the bathroom, why not give him what he really wants, which is a separate loo.  

The bath itself has become less of a usable feature in the bathroom, because while the idea of a bath always seems very nice, the amount of time that it takes to run a bath often stops people having one.  

It seems that almost all of the new bathroom ideas are geared towards making the bathroom as comfortable as possible, and this why things like the towel rail heating system and the under floor heating system are becoming more and more popular, and the spa bath is making its way into many south African bathrooms.

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