The Need For Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating has once again taken South Africa by storm. This is the second time solar water heating has made an appearance on the South African market. The last time was about 20 years ago, when solar water heating looked like it might take off. The problem came in back then because people were not prepared to spend that much money just try and save a few rand. So you ended up thousands of homes in South Africa having these solar water heating systems attached but never used because people just grew bored with them and were not interested in going to all the trouble.
The current feeling towards solar water heating is very different, because the saving that can be made are no longer just a few rand but is now running into the thousands of rands. These savings are not just available to those who follow green lives anyway, but are open to any person or family that make use of solar heating systems.
One of the big differences between solar heating systems now and then is the level of efficiency. Back then solar heating systems left a great deal to be desired in terms of efficiency. So you basically needed to be living in constant sun for the system to be in any way effective. These days the solar heating systems are so well designed that a home can get by on maybe an hour of daylight, this is because the power storing of the modern solar heating systems is far superior to that of twenty years ago.
The cost of installing a solar heating system has also come down quite a bit as more producers of the systems have entered the market. All in all these two major factors are what has led the rebirth of solar heating systems in south Africa, so at last south African consumers have begun to take part in t global move towards greener living and finding more economical ways to power their lives. This move has come not second too late as the greenhouse effects of climate change are beginning to affect all.

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