The Latest Trend Is Frameless

Fewer things beat having a well-made up bathroom and made over home. In most cases the best feature of a house is the kitchen and the bathroom. For any homeowner who wishes to have a new look for their bathroom, it is always a good idea to have a look at the latest trends.

These days more and people are opting for fameless shower doors, for the main reason being that it is oozes class and trendiness and can turn a plain bathroom into a magnificent piece. There are various companies in South Africa that specialize in the creating of the most fascinating and very stylish frameless glass shower doors to fit any and most shower doors. The price it cost to install shower doors can vary according to the preference of the owner wishing to buy a certain type of door be it pivoted or bypass, frameless or frameless shower doors.

Bi pass shower doors can be with and without a frame, when looking at a frameless bi pass shower door we can see that they are made with thick glass to support it without a frame and they usually work on a track that is installed into the shower so that it can slide open and close. Whereas a frameless pivoted shower door operates by opening forward and away from the shower entrance. Seamless shower doors are another name given to frameless shower doors.

The great thing these days when doing a bathroom makeover or any other form of makeover for that matter is, that it can be done customer made according to the owners specifications. Custom frameless shower doors can be made in the design and pattern range that the owner chooses. They can be made with tempered glass, aluminium, plexi glass as well as clear glass. The various glass used can be tinted or coloured to fit or match with the shower fixtures like the shower faucet and shower handles. There are also various companies online that render their services to the customers and can provide an installation service as well as the maintenance of these doors.

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