The Bottomless Pit Of Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories used to consist of a towel rail, a toilet roll dispenser, a couple of soap dishes and maybe something to hang your face cloth on. Well, if this is all that you have in bathroom today than you must be living in a monastery or you are spending some time at a government holiday farm (prison), because bathroom accessories are now a massive money spinning industry that has interior design companies falling over each other trying to get you to spend your hard earned cash on another useless set bathroom accessories.

There are now entire stores, and not little ones either, completely dedicated to bathroom accessories. Their sole mission in life is to take your already functional, and I am sure attractive bathroom, and turn it into this room that has more accessories than the set from Arabian nights. Have people forgotten that the bathroom was intended as a place where someone could get a measure of privacy.

Yes, most homes used to have a guest bathroom which was always kept need and tidy so that no one would be embarrassed about having people over and letting them use the loo, while the main bathroom was the place where one could leave dirty underwear lying around and no one really bothered about the occasional bad smell. Those e days are gone.

The bathroom now has more design options and new ideas than the modern kitchen. People have taken the idea of a comfortable bathroom and taken it to whole new heights; the bathroom is now a room where a cup of tea and a sandwich would not be out of place and this is where the idea of the show bathroom was born. People decided that it would be a good idea to build and equip a bathroom in their homes that that existed for no other reason than to look good. This bathroom would almost never be used for anything other occasionally washing your hands, and do not even get ideas about using it as a lavatory because your wife would kill you.

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