The Benefits Of Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating systems are popular for many reasons but more than anything, it is the fact that energy from the sun is absolutely free. There will never be an over-billing issue as with Eskom. Some other benefits of solar heating systems are listed below.

• Solar water heating systems come with a gas or electric booster which is an alternative connection to the geyser. The booster is ideal for those days when the sun is not so generous with its rays.
• These heating systems can save up to 80 per cent of the water heating expenses in the home.  
• They are initially expensive to install but the savings cover the cost of the unit in just a few years.  
• Reliable manufacturers and suppliers attach a guarantee on their products which gives homeowners peace of mind for more than twenty years in some cases.
• Another characteristic of durable solar heating systems in South Africa is that they are awarded the S.A.B.S. stamp of approval.
• Many solar heating systems are attractive in their style and design and they blend in beautifully with the rest of the exterior décor in the home. They were designed to be easy on the eye.
• Solar powered heating systems are environmentally friendly because they do not emit any toxic and dangerous chemicals.  
• Solar heating is versatile and can be applied to swimming pools, water underfloor heating and water heating for use around the home.   
• The size of the water storage tank in the unit serves as a guidelines as to the number of people in the family that are expected benefit from a single full tank per day. This feature means that homeowners can choose a system that is relevant to their family dynamics and will suit their budget.
• The solar heating system also provides water for use at night because, during the day while the sun is out, the water tank collects and stores hot water.
• The solar panels are situated on the roof of the house and they are made from extremely weather resistant materials.

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