The Benefits Of Caesar Stone

Caesar Stone is a man-made stone consisting of 95 per cent quartz and the other 5 per cent is mixture of colouring and polymer resins.
Quartz is very durable and almost completely weather resistant and thus making it the ideal material to use in Caesar stone. Being man-made, Caesar stone is almost 3 times as hard as normal stone and is able to withstand the hardest conditions. Caesar stone has became a popular sight in kitchens, bathrooms and outside patios worldwide.
Granite, also very popular for kitchen use, is also 50 percent quartz but the other 50 percent is a softer mineral and the granites colour depends on the mineral it is mixed with. There is a lot of disadvantages to using granite as opposed to Caesar stone. Because granite is not as strong as Caesar stone, the granite counter tops needs more support brackets to hold them in place. Granite counter tops are also limited to a very small overhang. Since granite is a natural stone it is also porous, meaning there is small holes in the granite and sealing is required to prevent liquids from penetrating the stone.
 Caesar stone however does not have the same problems as granite. The man-made stone can be made to match and follow any design, style or fashion making them perfect for any household with any specific design. Caesar stone is also twice as strong as granite and needs less supporting brackets. The best part is however that Caesar stone also never requires sealing as it is non-porous, making it easy to clean and less work to keep it in top shape.
Caesar stone seems to be the perfect object to use as park benches and tables, kitchen counters as well as in bathrooms. Their weather resistance makes Caesar stone excellent for outdoor use. It is scratch and heat resistant; an excellent choice for kitchen counters. The durability of Caesar stone comes in handy when corrosive liquids are spilled on it like vinegar, lemon juice or tomato sauce, knowing your counter top will escape undamaged and unstained.

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