Solar Geysers In South Africa

In March 2008, the Department of Minerals and Energy announced that by 2010, solar geysers are to be included in all new building and housing projects over R 750 000.At some point, the government even wanted electric geysers to be installed with a switch that Eskom would be able to switch off from a remote location if Eskom detects excessive use.

This goes to show the value and benefits of solar heating systems. The first thing that most people ask about when solar heating systems are discussed is if these systems will still function is there is no sun. In fact a lot of people are not aware that solar geysers consist of a back-up part that can be connected to a gas or electricity supply for such days, especially in winter. Solar geysers are fast gaining popularity as homeowners wise up to this fact and other advantages of solar water heating systems.

Solar geysers are becoming the preferred water heating solution for another obvious reason; solar energy is absolutely free. It may be costly to install the unit at first but 80 per cent savings on the water heating costs every month means the solar heating system quickly pays for itself and continues to be an effective money-saving long thereafter.

Solar panels are the technology that makes solar heating systems such a huge success. They are responsible for converting energy from the sun into heat or electric energy. Solar thermal conversion employs mirrors that reflect light and heat from the sun to the water storage tank. Photovoltaic solar systems convert light into electric energy that is then converted to heat that efficiently warms the water.

The growing demand for solar geysers in South Africa has positive implications for the consumer. Competition amongst suppliers is rife and homeowners are always guaranteed a good deal on materials. Most suppliers even refer homeowner to experienced and qualified contractors who will manage the labour associated with installing a solar powered geyser. Installing a solar heating system must not be taken lightly; it is not advisable for beginners DIY enthusiasts to tackle this one. 

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