Sliding Doors – Types And Advantages

Sliding doors are commonly found in places where a large opening is desired, without space for a large door to swing.
Sliding doors can be made of a solid material or a see through material such as glass or Perspex, and they are designed in all kinds of sizes, styles and shapes. They can be used on the exterior of a building, such as a large door leading onto an exterior area, or indoors, such as a shower door.
There are a lot of types of sliding doors, and these include:
  • The pocket door has a cavity which is hid in a wall or other surface and allows the door to completely disappear when open.
  • Bypass doors are those made with panels which can slide in a cascade behind or in front of each other, in order to use less space. These are commonly found where large spaces must be opened, or in cupboard doors.  However the base panel will be fixed and cannot be opened.
  • French doors are similar in appearance to the standard opening louvre French doors, but can slide open instead of opening outwards.
  • Screen doors are constructed of thin paneling or screen paper. They consist of a light framework made of wood or bamboo which is covered with fabric, and are normally only used for privacy, as they are too delicate to be secure.
  • Patio doors are the most commonly used sliding door and they provide an opening onto an exterior part from the interior.  These usually comprise a metal, wood or aluminium frame combined with glass.  They are relatively inexpensive.
  • Concertina doors are made of solid glass or Perspex panels which can be folded into a concertina shape on a track and stored on the side of the opening. These are great for bringing indoor spaces to the outside, as they create a virtually invisible barrier between. They are also secure and do not break easily, but can be expensive and heavy as the glass is solid and thick.
  • Most of the above doors can be partnered with a trellis sliding door which is normally a steel or metal construction which runs on a sliding track like the above doors, except that it is entirely made up of metal with a locking mechanism which provides safety.
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