Showers Are a Blessing

It is very strange how long it took showers to become an essential feature in the modern bathroom, because it is not as if they did not exist or the technology was too expensive. Showers have been around for ages, but they were usually only seen in school locker rooms, gyms and prisons.
The even stranger thing about the shower is the fact that despite the obvious cash saving that can be had when one uses a shower as opposed to a bath; showers were popular in the homes of rich folk’s long before the common man accepted them. People just seemed determined to hold onto the idea of baths for a little bit longer.
Showers are better than baths for so many different reasons. As was mentioned earlier, the cash saving that one enjoys when using shower is one major reason, and while this is reason enough to abandon the bath, the shower has much more to offer as well. When you step out of a shower you feel refreshed like no amount of time in a bath, could ever do.
The most important factor when looking at showers and baths is to remember that time is a huge factor in the hustle and bustle of modern life, so the extra 30 minutes that a bath takes you ( and that is a very conservative estimate) cannot really be afforded on a daily basis. This is why people, who are not lucky enough to have a shower in their homes, often are forced to take a bath at night so that they can save those few minutes.
As is so often the case with modern life, once an idea has taken hold, people will toy with it and evolve it so that original idea is only part of the concept. This is definitely the case with the shower, where designers have come up with some awesome ways to enhance the shower experience. There are now many different kinds of showers that can be enjoyed: everything from showers that give a massage to icy jets guaranteed to wake you up.

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