Selecting An AC For Your Home

Choosing to install an AC (Air Conditioning) in your home is a very important decision and there are many different things to consider. This article will briefly discuss a few of the biggest factors that need to be taken into consideration during the decision making process.

What makes for a superior AC unit?
The best AC units operate with a low noise level and require little maintenance. If you follow basic maintenance requirements, a superior AC unit will last for a very long time without requiring any repairs or replacement. Energy efficiency is also a very important on a superior AC unit.

Buying an AC unit that is the correct size
Buying an AC unit that is the correct size is extremely important. This is why many home owners choose to consult with a professional heating and cooling contractor to find out what size AC is the right one for their home. If you buy a unit that is too little then your home would not be properly cooled and if you buy one that is too big for your home it will switch on and off constantly which will waste energy and potentially damage the compressor.

A heating and cooling contractor will survey your home and cooling needs before advising you which size AC is the best choice for you. Factors such as the size of your home, which appliances in your home generate any heat, insulation in place, the climate and how much of your home is shaded. The size is generally indicated as ‘Btu/h’ which details the British Thermal Units  of heat removed per hour.

Energy Efficiency
It is always a good idea to try and buy an AC that is as energy efficient as possible. The manufacturer would detail the energy efficiency details of the unit for you. An energy efficient unit will help to save you money and decrease your electricity bills as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

Which AC units are the most reliable?
This is a question that many first time AC buyers ask. Generally speaking, an AC unit that makes use of a scroll compressor is considered to be the best option as these compressors are known to operate quietly, efficiently and dependably.

You should also make sure that the cabinets that house the coils and your AC in general is made from a durable material such as steel.  This is because a strong and durable material will prevent damage to the unit itself and can save you quite a bit of money that would otherwise be spent on replacement parts and repairs.

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