Repairing a Floor Heating System

Floor heating is elegant, luxurious and very effective. It is trendy and gives the home a stylish edge. The way people heat the home has changed and improved so much so that it is possible to keep the entire home warm and cosy by fitting heating elements under the floor of the home. From veldfires, bonfires to fireplaces and conventional heaters that use gas and electricity to function, no single heating system has been as luxurious as floor heating. Many homeowners love floor heating system because these systems are felt and not seen.  

Floor heating solutions are like most electrical installations in a sense that they are also prone to mechanical breakdown and other faults. Homeowners must try to resolve any problems as soon as they notice them. Floor heating systems are delicate and complex with heating elements and various connections. Installing floor heating systems is seen by many contractors as a combination of art and science. Homeowners must not, under any circumstances, attempt to fix the floor heating themselves. Only qualified contractors that have successfully completed previous, similar projects must be called on to manage the floor heating installations. Investing in a recognised contractor, this is the best way to prevent excessively regular repairs which could subsequently damage the heating system in the long run.

Most problems in the floor heating system are caused by poor and improper installation techniques that are used by contractors that lack knowledge, expertise and experience related to such domestic installations. Poorly installed heating is the cause of many concerns such as cold spots. Product mishandling by incompetent contractors includes leaving the materials out the sun and exposing them to ultraviolet radiation.  

Underfloor heating elements must be handled with care and evenly spaced throughout the room to prevent large areas of cold spots. It is very important that the elements used are the correct size, length and width for maximum heating benefits. The best heating solutions in South Africa are made from materials that come with an SABS stamp of approval.

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