Recycled Bottle Craft Ideas

Used bottles are not only ideal for recycling to produce more bottles.There is a whole industry of recycled bottle craft and arts. The bottles do not need to goo through a heating process where they are broken down and moulded into new bottles or other glass items. Bottles can be re-used as they are; only a bit of cleaning and creative thinking is all it takes to come up with bottle craft ideas. A glass cutter and glass drill bit are much needed tools for glass bottle craft ideas and users must be very careful not to injure themselves. Some popular bottle craft ideas are explained.
Glass Bottle Lamps
These are very simple to make. Wine bottles are the perfect shape and thickness for such d├ęcor ideas. You can make hanging bottle lamps or standing ones that can be placed on either side of the bed, on display cabinets or as centrepieces in the dinning room. Hanging glass bottle lamps add interesting ambiance to hallways, passages and they can also be generously hung in the entertainment area. They are perfect for the outdoors and indoors.
Bottle Shelves
Glass bottle shelves are a fun DIY exercise even for beginners. They are quick and easy to put together. Glass bottle shelves can handle the pressure exerted by heavy items without cracking or breaking. You have to drill holes on pieces of wood that are the same size and length. Each hole must be wide enough to fit the mouth of the glass bottle chosen for the job. Cold drink bottles are very thick and can resist a lot more pressure.  
Used Bottle Glasses  
Glasses are always needed in the house especially for people that entertain a lot. They are more attractive than recyclable polystyrene cups. One only has to cut the top part of the bottle with the mouth and make sure the brim of the cup is smooth. You can make glasses of any size, shape and colour. The cut off can be saved together with your pile of recyclable glass items for your next trip to the recycling station.

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