Pool Paving In South Africa

Pool paving is a little bit trickier than normal driveway or just normal paving because the paving patterns and colours need to blend well with not only the house but the garden as well as the pool. Pools come in many different shapes and sizes so the paver doing the paving need to be multi skilled enough to cut bricks using toosl like grinders to cut the bricks and place them in such a shape that they fit perfectly all around the pool.

Since this is a pool let us not forget that there will be a lot of water from people diving in and coming in and out of the pool, so the first concern that comes to mind is safety is the paving around the pool going to slippery or is going to have enough grip. As a result of this you need to only contract pavers that have had many pool paving jobs before who know which bricks have the right grip when wet and which ones do not.

Another concern would be durability of the bricks used for the paving, as we all know the water in a pool is not just plain water as it does contain chemicals such as chlorine and blue 52 to keep the water clean. What effect do these chemicals have on the wear and tear of the bricks used for your paving is what you have to ask yourself. Researching on which type of brick is good for durability under wet and pool chemical conditions is definitely a good idea.

It might cost you more money now to buy those bricks however it will save you more money in the long run as you will not have to be calling back a pool paving contractor to repave your pool all over again. There are many websites whereby various images are shown where pool paving had been done for clients prior to your project, always try find out how long a certain has been in that industry, try to speak to people which have pools they have these jobs done for them in the past. Get a list of materials they need to do the job and then you look for the best suppliers of those materials at the best price. Also speak to people you know as in personal friends of yours who have pools ask them about the team that did their pool paving for them.

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