Painting Your Home In Johanessburg

When painting the home it is always difficult to decide which colour to paint in order to enhance the property to its best abilities.  However the type of paint is just as important, if not more so, than the colour.

Paints are based on either oil or water, and varying degrees of light reflection are incorporated into both.  Water based paints are easy to apply and to wash off with water, while oil based paints, also called enamel, can only be cleaned with petroleum based products.

Matte paint is a popular option for use inside, and is especially good for painting walls that have scuff marks or stains.  The paint is not shiny and gives a soft look and feel to a room.  It is also good for painting ceilings.  Matte paints are generally also water based and is easy to clean. Eggshell paint is great for walls with scuff marks or deficiencies and can be cleaned quite easily.
Enamel is hard wearing and quite resistant to moisture, and is a good choice for bathrooms, wash rooms or areas with heavy use.  Even floor surfaces such as cement areas can be painted with enamel paint. Paints which are oil based are generally a good option for use on the exterior of a building.

It is also relatively low on maintenance.  Satin finish is a type of enamel but is not as glossy as standard enamel, and is not suitable for any surface with deficiencies.  A type of enamel is semi-gloss paint which can be used on surfaces which have to be cleaned frequently.  It can also be used on walls where enamel paint will be too dazzling.  High gloss enamel is quite economic to use as it spreads very well and is normally used for effect as well as function.  It is very hard wearing and can be scoured a lot before any erosion is evident.  High gloss should never be used on surfaces with deficiencies as the gloss will illuminate any defects. 
Sometimes it is necessary to use a primer before paint can be applied, especially on areas such as window frames or metal in order to give a protective layer underneath.  This will increase the longevity of the paint layer.

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