New Ideas And Concepts In Bathroom Design

Along with kitchen design bathroom design is probably one of the most commonly renovated and design intensive rooms in any house, apartment or flat. We spend enormous amounts of time in our kitchens and bathrooms, more so in fact than in any other room in a typical home. Bathroom design is also one of the most fun and free rooms for decorating or bringing in new bathroom design ideas because there are no rules as far as bathroom design is concerned.

Bathroom design is a unique combination of practical components and design carte blanche. The practical aspect of bathroom design comprises of those components that are essential to fulfil the defined functionality of a bathroom, in other words the must have pieces are a basin of some kind, a toilet and either a shower or bath tub or both. Everything else is up to the designer.

One Or Two Interesting New Ideas And Concepts In Bathroom Design

There are many great new ideas coming through regarding bathroom design, one of the most interesting and trendy new concepts is that of either recycling items or repurposing items that in some cases are not even normally associated with a traditional bathroom space. Recycling is an especially important concept in light of recent event s surrounding the state of the planet that we live on, as part of a new holistic concept repurposing is another component of this design philosophy.

With either repurposing or recycling or up cycling, the idea is to re use items that would traditionally be thrown away or taking an item or object that does not traditionally relate to the bathroom environment and then looking at it in an entirely new way, creating a new purpose for an object that others would have readily labelled as useless.

Up cycling is a very similar concept to the other two and also involves using objects that have either been used up in their original purpose or have been discarded as junk by another party, up cycling involves adding value to an object by redesigning it for another purpose. Incidentally there are thousands of these great bathroom design ideas and concepts on the internet.

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