Modern Bathroom Designs

A bathroom has become much more than a room in which to attend to hygiene needs. Modern bathrooms are comfortable as well as functional. This is because the bathroom has become a place in which people unwind and relax at the end of a long day or where they get energized and refreshed to face the day.

Modern bathroom designs take full advantage of the space available and make sure that the space is well-used, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Of course, there are many bathroom ideas out there and there is no one idea that is the best or better than another. The best will depend on the individual and their specific tastes and needs.

For example, a modern bathroom that incorporates a bath with mixer taps, a toilet, two hand basins and a shower may be perfect for a family of four. However, a young bachelor may be perfectly content with a modern bathroom design that incorporates a shower, one hand basin and a toilet.

Designing Your Modern Bathroom

  • Get inspired: There are thousands of photos, ideas and advice for modern bathrooms available freely online. Make use of a search engine and look for modern bathroom ideas and a few pictures of inspiring bathroom designs. This research should leave you feeling inspired as you become aware of all the possibilities for your very own modern bathroom design.
  • Think comfort: Try to make the space as comfortable and lavish as you like. If a free-standing bath, steam shower and chandelier make you happy then incorporate them in your design. You should opt for fitting and colours that relax and invigorate you. A good tip would be to always make sure you have a dimmer switch in the bathroom as this can create the perfect setting for a relaxing spa-like bath.
  • Be functional: While comfort is important, functionality should also be taken into account when designing your ideal bathroom. For example, modular storage is very modern but practical and functional as well. Granite counter tops will add some glamour will still be exceptionally durable and lasting a lifetime.
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