Mercedes Zetro: The Apocalypse Survival Vehicle

With an exterior of 100mm thick galvanised and plastic-coated panels, and a carbon-fiber outer skin, you’re sure to fend off any marauders or zombies come the apocalypse. With it’s 7.2 litre inline six-cylinder engine (producing 322hp) as well as tanks holding 300 litres of fresh water, 600 litres of diesel fuel, a power generator and a solar energy system, the Mercedes Zetro is built to withstand rough terrain for extended periods of time. The raw power of the vehicle is balanced out with a luxurious interior, featuring a kitchenette, washroom, bathroom and a double bed at the rear of the vehicle, all finished off in beautiful real-wood veneer, lightweight natural stone and genuine leather. To top it all off, the Zetro also comes with an entertainment system with satellite and internet connection, and all the living areas come equipped with LED screen’s. Surviving the apocalypse in style!


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