Marina Da Gama Waterproofing Company (Muizenberg)

Marina Da Gama located repainting and also water proofing contractor focuses on interior and exterior painting, sealing, roofs and physical correcting expert services. Our watertighters cover any situation so whether you possess a flat roof, tiled roof, bare concrete roof, slate roof or deck and desire specialist waterproofing expertise, give our friendly company a call right now.

Waterproofing, Damp Proofing & Roof Contractors in Marina Da Gama

With years of experience in the industry, our trained and qualified roofers in Marina Da Gama are on hand to assist with any requirements you may have for quality and affordable waterproofing services. Wether you are looking for waterproofing, roof coating & repairs, indoor & external wall surface finishes, increasing damp, lateral damp, we’ll be the perfect solution!

Waterproofing in Marina Da Gama

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