Laminate Flooring To Improve Your Home

Beautiful floors can turn any home into an impressive picture of elegance and style. The floor sets the tone for the home and guides the owner when purchasing pieces of furniture and accessories that make the home a more beautiful and inviting place to be. People can choose from many types of floors made from different kinds of materials. Tiled floors are preferred for the kitchen and bathroom because it is easy to keep them hygienically clean and free of germs. Fitted carpets are favored by those looking for comfort and winter warmth but they can be tedious to clean. Marble floors are the ultimate symbol of elegance and luxury and they are top choice for people that own expensive homes in upmarket suburbs.
Laminate flooring is also known as floating wood tiles in countries like the United States and Canada. Laminate flooring fuses layers of flooring using a lamination process. Laminating the floor means adding a clear protective layer that gives the floor a glossy photographic appearance. This lamination process is commonly used on wooden and stone floors. The first layer in the lamination process is the wood or stone that must be cleaned before other layers are put on top. The next layer usually consists of melamine resin and fiber board. A special glue is sometimes used to make installation easier. Laminate flooring is a favorite with DIY enthusiasts.
Laminate flooring was first presented by a Swedish company in 1977. This company, Perstorp, had been gaining experience in laminating different types of surfaces since 1923. Laminate flooring is a wonderful option for people that want to improve their home or office without spending on lot of money on materials and labor. It is affordable and the necessary materials are easy to find in most hardware and home improvement stores. 
It is important to clean laminate floors to help them keep their impressive shine. Particles such as dust, dirt and sand scratch the surface of the floor and over time, this gives the laminate floor a dull appearance. A dry method of cleaning is recommended for laminate floors.
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