Kitchen Design Elements With Staying Power

Careful consideration should always be put into designing your kitchen space and deciding which elements, styles, features, trends and fashions you would like to follow. Always do your research and look for those kitchen design ideas that have proven themselves over time with staying power. Simply choosing something because it happens to be trending and popular may result in a dated kitchen design or one that does not function well.

Kitchen Cabinets:
Solid wood is generally considered to be the best choice for kitchen cabinets as it is a lot more hard wearing than the chip board and laminate alternative. Dark woods and dark wood stains are particularly popular. If you would like painted cabinetry the kitchen cabinets painted in warm colours as opposed to clinical, stark white, would be a good option.

Lighting It Up:
LED lighting is becoming all the rage in the design world and there is good reason for this. These lights are long lasting, low maintenance, energy efficient and they will conveniently fit into the smallest of spaces.

Kitchen Appliances:
When choosing kitchen appliances always choose high quality appliances even if it initially costs you a bit more. If you are a bit limited on space then products with a compact design and multi-functional features are a very good choice.

Functional And Aesthetic Design:
Ergonomic workspaces are quite trendy at the moment. An ergonomic kitchen design is generally quite curvy, spacious and provides ample counter top space at a comfortable height. Angular designs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Green Kitchen Design:
Many people have now realised that we each need to do our part to help save the planet. Green or environmentally friendly living is definitely a trend that has spaying power. Eco kitchen design options will be an investment in your future.

Making The Most Of Your Space:
Creative storage solutions that make the most out of your space are things that should be incorporated into your kitchen design.

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