Investing In Your Property Through Damp Proofing

It does not matter if you have rising damp, penetrating damp, over condensation, wet or dry rot, any of these problems will have massive long term effects on buildings and its contents. Not many people realize that structures of buildings can be affected, and not just the mortar but fixtures and fittings as well.

For those not familiar, think of damp proofing as a waterproofing that is applied to a buildings foundation. It is a specialized technique to prevent moisture entering from the outside in. Even a small amount of moisture can cause damage. By repairing and having damp treatment done to your damp walls or floors can be seen as a protective investment, thus avoiding any damp related problems.

Wood rot.

Damp will lead to both dry and wet rot. There is a common misconception that dry rot is caused by a dry environment. The name came about due to the types of fungi that causes the brown rot decay; the appearance is dark and powdery looking. Typically the wet rot is and linked to moisture. Either wet or dry rot causes enormous damage to structures of buildings. Fungus attacks wood in buildings. The procedure involved in damp treatment is fairly quick and easy in the right hands.

Assorted Interior damage.

Damp will lead to mould. Mould can easily take hold with undisturbed carpets or couches. Mould eats away at any soft type of furnishing, even carpets. There is a strong likelihood that furnishings will have to be replaced, there is little to be done once mould takes hold.

Related health risks.

Mould consists of airborne spores that can have a detrimental effect to lungs and airways. One is vulnerable to a variety of illnesses. Mould makes a micro toxin which leads to weak immune systems; it has been linked to cancer. Food may be contaminated. Everyone living in the house is at risk.

Landlords of premises affected by damp will find it difficult keeping tenants. It seems unlikely but word gets around about problematic premises, there’s no avoiding it.

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