Interior Decorating Ideas And Rules

It is common to note mistakes made with interior decorating when going into a building.  Mistakes are quite easy to make as most home decoration is done by the residents of the space who do not always know the rules of interior decoration.

Here are some of the rules of interior decoration:

  • Hang chandeliers and paints in an area which is within eye level.  It is common to see paintings and lighting which is hung too high and therefore is not displayed to their best ability.
  • When rugs are used, ensure that they rug covers the entire area where the furniture is sitting.  If the rug does not cover the entire space, then the two front feet of a couch may sit on the edge with the back feet off, but no smaller.
  • Choose expensive furniture pieces first and paint color scheme around these.  The tone and colour of the paint can always be changed, but it is a lot more expensive to get new furniture.
  • Long curtains are a must and should be floor length, no matter what size the window.  Exceptions can be made in cases where radiators are installed under a window, but in these cases the use of blinds are advised where possible.
  • Little decorative cushions should be kept to a minimum and used sparingly.  Their function is only to accentuate a feature of a room and not to overpower it.  Also take care to use larger pillows rather than tiny ones on big pieces of furniture.
  • Comfort is more important than style – there is no point in purchasing a fantastically looking couch if it is uncomfortable to sit on.  Ensure that your home is comfortable first, then stylish.  It is always possible to find a combination of the two.
  • Try to keep pieces of furniture away from the walls – the general instinct is to surround the room with furniture pushed against the boundaries.  Experiment in big rooms by breaking up the room into sections with the use of furniture.  Decorators are sometimes hesitant to show the back of a couch or chair, but pieces that are well finished are fine with their backs showing.
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