Installing Built In Cupboards

Installing built in cupboards is a task that does not necessarily require the skills of a professional. If you have sound DIY skills then you could attempt to complete this task yourself. It is important to note that it can be quite difficult. The top tips for successfully installing built in cupboards yourself is listed below.

Always have a helper at hand when installing built in cupboards. This is not a job that can be done alone. This is because you will need someone to help you hold the cupboards and pieces in place while you fasten them to the wall or bracket. Also, if you need to remove the existing cupboards first then you will also need someone to support the cupboard as you remove the screws fastening it to the wall or each other.

When installing built in kitchen cupboards, you should always install the wall mounted cabinets first. This will ensure that base cabinets are not an obstruction when trying to install the wall mounted ones. Once all the wall mount cupboards are securely fastened in place, you may proceed with the installation of the base cupboards.

It is important to note that 90% of walls and ceilings are not completely straight. You need to inspect the walls and ceiling where you plan to install the cupboards so that you adjust for any deviations. Use filler where needed to help ensure that the ceiling and wall appear to be flush with the built in cupboards.

Always try to install built in cupboards before you have the flooring installed. This will ensure that you do not end up installing more than the necessary amount of flooring. Another benefit to doing this would be that it will also prevent your new floors from being damaged during the installation of the new built in cupboards.

Built in cupboards improve the look and style in a particular space. These built in cupboards can also help to increase the house’s value because many buyers look for properties that come complete with features such as built in cupboards in the kitchen and bedrooms.

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