Information About Hiring Earthmoving Equipment

Earth moving equipment is considered to be large machinery used mainly for building, construction and excavation purposes, these specialised machines are usually very large and heavy. Earth moving equipment is designed to be used in large projects and as such they are usually illegal to drive on the road, they normally contain sharp implements as well as huge off road tyres and they are extremely bulky and wide. In South Africa earth moving equipment is exceptionally expensive to buy and most small to medium building contractors are unable to afford to buy their own and as such are forced to hire earth moving equipment from earthmoving equipment hiring companies. The type of earth moving equipment available for hire includes articulated tucks, backhoe loaders as well as compactors and hydraulic excavators. Due to the large size of most earth moving equipment the hiring charges usually include transport charges ( most pieces of earthmoving equipment will need to be loaded onto a flat bed truck and transported as “abnormal” goods as they are so large) as well as on sight maintenance and repairs to the equipment.

Most companies hiring out earth moving equipment operate on a long term rental basis as the typical rental period for earth moving equipment is in excess of three months. There are a number of companies specialising in renting earth moving equipment however most earth moving rental equipment companies will only rent out their machinery to reputable businesses, they also require a lot of documentation as well as a large rental deposit before renting out either large or small earth moving equipment. The strict rental rules and regulations are in place in order to protect them and their assets, earth moving equipment is very expensive and replacing damaged or stolen rental equipment can cost millions.

In South Africa there are a lot of equipment rental companies operating and finding earth moving equipment available for hire is relatively easy, a simple internet search will reveal all the companies in the area where you are situated as well as stock available and earth moving equipment hiring costs.

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