How To Keep The Damp Out Of Your Home

One of the most common household problems that people experience is damp, either in the form of rising damp or leaking damp. It makes a home feel cold and unwelcoming and can invite moulds and the infections that come with them into your home. However, it is possible to keep the damp out of your home with a few simple care instructions that are easy to follow.

First, if there seems to be a lot of damp in your home, it is wise to call in a specialist. They can carry out a survey that determines how much damp there is and how much it has seeped into your walls, and can then provide a solution.

To check for sources of the damp, it is best to check exterior walls. These will display signs of damp that may be drifting into your home. Ensure that any cracks in the foundations of your house do not contain damp, as this can compromise the structural integrity of your house.

The roof can also be a good place for damp to hide, so ensure that there are no broken tiles under which damp can hide. A good damp proofing course will assist in ensuring the damp stays out of your home, so it is usually a good idea to consult a professional for advice on how to do this.

For those who wish to instill measures to keep damp out, take care in certain areas of your home. Hanging clothes to dry on a radiator can invite damp into the home as can a lot of cooking in the kitchen. Using an extractor fan in your kitchen or bathroom ensures that the moisture is filtered out, and that damp has nowhere to hide. It is also a good idea to buy a dehumidifier, which will assist with taking moisture from the air.

All of these tips can assist with keeping damp out of your home, but for infestations that are persistent, it is a good idea to call in a professional and ask them to recommend a method of treatment.

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