How To Decide On The Perfect Paint Colour For Your Home

The colours you decide on for the various parts of your home can instantly give it an upgrade. A good painting job will instantly glam a room and even increase the overall value of your home. The inside and outside walls need to be painted using colours that add to the look of the house and does not take away from it.  The perfect paint colour is not only about the look of the room, but the feel of the room as well. A dark colour may be suitable for a bedroom to help you sleep, while a bright colour would be perfect for the lounge to give the room some life.

How do you decide on which paint colours for each room in your house? You can start off by getting the input of the other family members. You can allow your children to choose the colours they feel would suit their rooms and their personality. You can guide them into colours that are not too bright or unattractive. Colours that are close to the ones they want could be all you need to satisfy them.  

Rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen need colours that are inviting. The paint colour should be one that does not show dirt easily in the kitchen and in the bathroom. This can get a bit tricky, especially considering that most people want to have colours that are light and attractive in these rooms. The type of paint you use is also equally important. You want a paint that can handle the changes in temperature in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  In addition, you also want a paint that would be easy to wipe clean.  

For the exterior of your home, neutral paint colours are usually people’s first choice. White and cream are usually the most common and safest colours. You can take up the colour of your of the outside of your home a notch by deciding on a more daring paint colour. You can get inspiration from your surroundings such as the sky and the general landscape of your neighbourhood.

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