History Of The Shower And Shower Doors

It might sound strange but the first ever showers that were used by people were in actual fact streams of water that flowed naturally down rocks and crevices.  We know them today as waterfalls!  It seems that the idea of the modern shower was taken from these waterfall adventures.  The water that streamed down from these rocks seemed to be easier to use as a method of cleansing way back in the day.  Before using these waterfalls, people had to carry water for hundreds of metres in order for them to be able to bath in tin basins or even pails!

This of course happened a very long time ago and we have come very far since then when it comes to showers and the modern shower doors we add to them.  The Greeks were the first people to use what looked remotely like our showers today.  They even had the sewage and piping systems down!  They were also one of the first to introduce public showers and group showers.  In Germany the showering system proved to be indispensable in warfare as they realised they could use these systems to disseminate poisonous gases and chemicals over unsuspecting people.
The technology of showers and the modern shower doors have changed a lot over the years but the actual look of it hasn’t changed all that much.  The basic concept remains the same.  You have your shower enclosure that is tiled out with a glass or fibreglass door to keep the water from splashing everywhere.  Showers are generally considered to be the most hygienic way to cleanse yourself although many people will debate this.  They are considered to also be the fastest way of cleansing yourself compared to bathing and they also use less water.
Shower doors are also now used in most showers as opposed to a shower curtain.  Doors keep most of the water out, whereas curtains are not as effective in doing so.  These days you can find showers and shower doors in any shape and style so as to fit your personal needs.

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