Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a very popular type of flooring as it is very hard wearing and attractive.  It can be installed in one of three forms – in strips, in planks or in blocks, also called parquet flooring.  Strips are long and thin and planks are thicker and broader.  The parquet blocks are normally installed in patterns.  Hardwood can be finished in any of a wide range of finishes, which include paint, varnish or polish. Hardwood floors can be expensive, depending on the type of wood used, but it is normally quite a good investment and will enhance the look of the house and add financial value.

Hardwood flooring is very hard wearing and can really last a long time, and it is common to find very old buildings still with their original hardwood floors completely intact.  These floors can easily be cleaned just by sweeping or vacuuming and marks can be removed with a wood cleaning detergent or wood polish.  However deep scuff marks are difficult to remove or hide, and if sufficiently damaged, this part of floor may have to be replaced.  Depending on the type of flooring, only one part of plank or strip, or a block or two of parquet can be used to replace the damaged part.  If maintained well, the floor will last.  If not maintained very well, the hardwood will wear easily and will have to be replaced entirely.

Hardwood floors are considered a step up in a building and the value of a home can be significantly increased by installing hardwood floors, and homes with hardwood floors often sell a lot quicker than carpeted homes.  These floors are generally quite expensive to install, but can be considered a long term investment in the value of the home, as the floor will over time add value to the home and outlast other types of flooring.

The different types of hardwood can be installed in many shapes and styles and blend into their environment beautifully.  Regardless of whether the tone of the building is vintage or super modern, timber floors fit effortlessly into any era.  They style of the floor can also be altered as required by adding colour stains, paint or by stripping back the finish.   

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