Guidelines To a Well-designed Bathroom


Other than your bedroom and kitchen, the bathroom is the only other room you use each and every day and should also be a place to relax in whilst showering, bathing or even brushing your teeth. Here are a few pointers on creating a harmonious and functioning bathroom design.

• The size will depend all on your needs, and will have an effect on you especially if you are going to share it with someone else. The last thing you need is to become frustrated with cramped bathroom space, consider having enough extra space to walk around easily and to have a place for a chair or laundry basket.
• Fittings are one of the most important instalments you will make. Choose carefully between the type, size and colours of the toilets, tubs, showers, sinks that you want to have in your bathroom. Buying the best will obviously cost you more, but the enjoyment of them will be priceless.
• Doubling up is always a great win-win situation, having two sinks each with its own cabinets and mirror will work well with a couple sharing. Also look into different shower models which enable two persons to shower at the same time.
• A wonderful investment to have is under floor heating, especially in early mornings when your feet are ice cold and you have use cold bathroom tiles.
• Installing an extractor fan will save your walls and ceiling from mildew build up, or paint issues.
• Not many bathrooms have electric outlets installed to them because of the danger. Those that do have, are fitted in a safe area where you can freely use electric supplies such as hairdryers, etc.
• Ceiling lights can create a wonderful look in a bathroom, but they can also create dark spots in certain areas. Consider installing separate vanity light fixtures that are eye levelled for superb bathroom lighting.
• Tiling will be up to the user, with fantastic designs and styles in the market, you will not have a problem to find the perfect tile theme. Apart from the easiness of keeping tiles clean you should consider to perhaps just tile the floors, as tiled walls will make it harder for drilling tasks.
• Having enough cabinets will be a great advantage, as there are always loose objects in a bathroom that begs for storage space.
• A big mirror against a bathroom wall will create a more open and fancy feeling, not only will you enjoy it each time you walk into your bathroom, but visitors will enjoy it just as much. Installing it above your tub or on an empty wall can do magical things to bathroom.

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