Great Shower Designs

With ever increasing technology, we are now open to a broad spectrum of having the best designed equipment and appliances in our homes. Showers have changed remarkably from the ordinary to the extraordinary in shapes, sizes, themes and styles, only to the better of making our lives more special and joyful. Here are some of the latest in shower designs that can improve the way you live.

Taking first place is the Plano Acquario, this shower has its own built in aquarium. This very unique and beautiful shower will have you admiring your graceful fish whilst showering. The tank is built into the walls of the shower and can be replaced with a TV or shelf, but with that you would miss out on the feeling of taking a dive with the fishes.

Second place will be a shower that contains 18 different shower heads. Although this shower will cost you, it will have you clean and happy after every shower experience. The shower heads are all adjustable and can be regulated towards temperature and water pressure. This shower not only looks great on the eye, but will surely target every area of your body with relaxing water.

Another superb shower is the folding shower. This shower will work great in limited spaces such as hotel rooms or small apartments.

One shower that enables for bathing and showering is known as the rotating shower. This is a nice concept to have in ones bathroom as you have the freedom to choose whether you want to take a bath or have the perk of a fully operating shower, this is all possible with the rotating device. Flip it around to have a shower or a bath. Although this unit does take up some space, it is still considered a nice bathroom installation to have.

A nice invention to have in your shower is the temperature sensitive glass tiles. These tiles change colour as heat touches them or as the temperature in the shower increases. They change in to many different colours in every 6 – 10 degree that heat increase. With these tiles you will hardly ever get tired of your shower tile colour scheme.

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