Granite In South Africa

Granite has been seen being used as a construction stone for quite some time. However, many innovations in not just technology and fine art have made it a trend to be used for other situations. Throughout many homes and offices granite is becoming quite popular for flooring and even kitchen countertops. It is known to be a massive part of the Earth’s continental crust found along the orogenic mountain ranges. The beauty of this rock mineral comes from its origination from magma. It can be seen throughout history in many antique pieces found in Egypt. The most famous historical example for the use of granite is The Red Pyramid of Egypt; the third largest of the pyramids of Egypt. Elegance of the stone is seen very vividly.  The well-liked display of this mineral rock can be seen in the very famous Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota.    

The late eleventh century also has engraved in it the many spectacular occurrences of granite. Southern India houses many large Hindu temples that were constructed under the era of king Rajaraja Chola I, many historians have compared these large granite structures to that of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Other than its popularity in historical architecture it is wildly used to bring life and beauty to many sculptures and memorials. With high-tech techniques virtually a piece of artwork is created which is forever engraved on to your loved ones gravestone or memorial.  

However, today’s modern families are incorporating the use of granite in the décor of their homes. The trendiest utilization is in kitchen counter tops. It brings about an aired feel in the kitchen giving it light and openness which brings the aura of comfort while cooking or other kitchen activities. The reputation of granite as also spread to its convention in creating back splashes to give the look of a sleek yet very durable workstation. They are even used to fashion a luxurious room in which it is used as tiles and back panels, bringing life to even the dullest of bathrooms. Whichever way granite is used in homes, it creates a high-luster space which family as well as friends will enjoy.

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