Granite Countertops

Granite is made over a period of centuries by the earth itself, and consists mostly of magma and other minerals which have been squashed together into this form over years of intense pressure by the crust of the earth.  Granite is hard wearing, can be washed easily, can endure high traffic volumes and remains beautiful for years without much maintenance.  For these reasons granite has been used in buildings for centuries.  It is particularly popular in the Mediterranean countries as it is good at keeping rooms cool.  On the other hand it can also be heated and retains heat for very long.

Granite makes for wonderfully attractive and stylish kitchen surfaces and is an excellent way of increasing the value of the home.  It is highly practical as well as attractive and easy to clean, however it can be pricey to install.

The granite slabs and tiles normally come in various thicknesses, and the thicker the slab, the more it costs.  It some cases, and especially in kitchens for countertops, granite is used, but to reduce costs, modular granite is used.

Modular granite is genuine granite, but is cut thinner and from the cheaper cuts of granite slabs.  It is used to cover kitchen countertops which are made of other materials such as chipboard.  Solid granite countertops are also used, but these are heavy, difficult to install and expensive.  Both modular and solid granite are resistant to stains and scratches so it a great to use as a chopping surface, and it does not show burn marks from hot pots.  Granite does not soak up moisture and the colour does not fade in the sun.

Granite countertops are available in a lot of colours, thicknesses and sizes to suit almost any kitchen d├ęcor or style.  Granite can be very difficult to install due to its weight and the size of the slabs, and is difficult to cut.  Therefore it is recommended that only specialist granite installation professionals are used for the installation.  Modular granite is easier to install and is usually custom cut to size.  For these reasons it can sometimes be installed by the DYI home owner.

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