Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

Many homeowners are misinformed and they are under the impression that skylights are very expensive and they take a long time to install. Yes, skylights do cost more than normal windows fitted on the wall but that is only because a professional must be hired to install them. Skylights employ pretty much the same materials as other windows; only, they are on the roof of the building and not on the side. Below are a few questions that homeowners usually want answers to before they install skylights.
What exactly are skylights?
An opening is made through the ceiling and roof and then a window is installed in the same way as other windows in the home. Skylights can be fitted so they are sealed and never open or they can be vented, which means they can open and close. They are an excellent way to harvest light form the moon and the sun. Skylights cut down electricity lighting costs and save the homeowner a lot of money.
Are skylights strong enough to withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures?
Skylights are made of thick, durable glass and can withstand undesirable weather conditions. They can also handle impact by falling trees and other items. Some skylights are made of laminated glass or they employ tempered glass. Tempered glass breaks into smooth pebbles and not shards of glass. Laminated glass is covered with a film of plastic so that if it does break, the plastic cover retains all the glass.
How do you open skylights?
Skylights come in two main types. Fixed skylights never open, they are permanently sealed and they never open. Fixed skylights are extremely resistant to leaks. Vented skylights can open and close manually or by remote control. Some can even detect rain and close automatically at the first sign of rain.
Is it necessary to cut roof trusses when installing skylights?
This is hardly ever necessary unless the homeowner wants to install really large skylights. If the roof trusses have to be cut, then only an experienced contractor must tackle the job.

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