French Furniture and Soft Furnishings

Add character to your home with soft furnishings

Think of soft furnishings as the textiles of your home. Cushions often make your couches. Towels make your bathrooms. Linens make your bedrooms. Without soft furnishings, your home might be seen as slightly bare… Imagine jumping onto a couch without cushions- it just isn’t the same!

When I started furnishing my new home soft furnishings were one of my priorities. There isn’t anything I love more than diving into my couch and cuddling up with my dogs and a good book. The cushions make the couch! And of course, your bed needs to be the most comfortable place in the house. Ultimate relaxation is the goal. There are few things as beautiful as gorgeous French interiors, which is why that is the look I wanted for my home. So, I gathered up a few examples and some fabric swatches and I headed off. Piece by piece I gathered my home collections, leaving the warehouse with 15 pillows, yes, 15, and some Egyptian cotton linens, AND the fluffiest towels I had ever seen. I couldn’t wait to finish off my rooms. Needless to say, I got home and tossed those cushions onto my couches. My creatures immediately curled up on the couch and looked exceptionally cosy. Hmm, perhaps I’d join them with a cup of tea…

All in all, soft furnishings are absolutely necessary when you need to finish off the look of your home. They add to the atmosphere of the home and also add points of interest.

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