Frameless Showers

While South Africans have always been a very house proud people our choice of fittings, fixtures, decor and furniture has been limited in the past.  In recent years however, a wide variety of imported and domestically manufactured materials and articles has become available.  Today South Africa is one of the leading nations in interior design.  The larger scale properties and good weather have made it easy to make home improvements both inside and outside of a house.  Older houses usually offer larger bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms which allow more elaborate designs and fixtures.  At the same time the older properties are often in need of some modern and stylish makeover.   
The modern trend in interiors these days is leaning towards simple, clean cut design that allows light and straight angles to dominate.  This is easy to see in bedroom and lounge furniture but how well does that translate to the rest of the house?  The bathroom is often the last room to get any attention in a house as we spend the least amount of time there.  It is also often the most cramped or smallest room in the house as it is dismissed as simply functional.  New thinking in bathroom design is to create this same spacious atmosphere that will bring some luxury while maintaining the practical side of what a bathroom is meant to be.   
To this end, new products and accessories are being designed and manufactured for bathrooms.  Corner bathtubs, heated towel rails and stylish sinks are all very popular but what about the shower?  Old showers that featured a curtain were often unsightly.  Standard glass showers with an aluminum frame look nicer but can still come across as visually heavy.  Only recently can South Africans enjoy frameless showers.  The frameless shower is made from thick, heavy and durable glass panes that are self-supporting.  The door of the shower is hinged onto the glass walls to completely protect your bathroom from flooding or overspray.  While it serves the same purpose as a conventional shower, the frameless kind makes your bathroom look much larger and more spacious.  This is especially desirable in very compact bathrooms such as those one finds in modern clusters or flats.  Diamond Doors are a South African supplier and installer of frameless showers.  They additionally offer repairs and a shower caulking service.

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