Flooring Types For Different Parts Of The Home

It is sometimes difficult to decide which type of flooring to use in which locations, and it is therefore essential to be aware of the different characteristics of the various kinds of flooring available today, in order to ensure that suitable flooring is used in the home.
Types of flooring and their suitability:

  • Hardboard: Cheap and simple to install via DYI, it is a durable surface good for children’s rooms. Oil tempered grade wears the best.  Clean by sweeping or vacuuming frequently to remove grit, or wash with damp mop and mild detergent solution.  Lightly sand worn areas and re-varnish when necessary.

  • Varnished floorboards:  Cheap and fairly simple to install, it is an attractive surface that can be covered with scatter rugs in areas of high traffic in order to reduce scuffing.  It is good for just about any room in the home.  Keep clean by sweeping or vacuuming often, or clean with a damp mop.  Sand worn areas and varnish when needed.

  • Vinyl tiles:  These come in a huge range of colours, patterns and prices.  They are hygienic, easy to install and clean and is resistant to spillages and moisture.  It is good for kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries.  It does sometimes have a cold clinical feel and can be slippery when wet.  Clean by sweeping or mopping and do not soak in water or use abrasive cleaners.

  • Ceramic tiles:  A wide range in all colours, styles and shapes are readily available.  They are long lasting, easily cleaned and highly resistant to stains and spillages.  They are however quite expensive and can be cold (unless used with under floor heating).  Suitable for any room in the home.  Clean by sweeping and mopping with detergent. Stubborn marks to be scrubbed.
  • Carpet:  Gives a feeling of warmth and luxurious comfort.

Graded according to use – from heavily used stairs to seldom used spare bedrooms.  It is suitable for every room in the home.  Carpet can be expensive and can sometimes be difficult to clean.  Vacuum carpets clean to remove grit and dust, and remove stains with a special carpet cleaning detergent. Call in professionals for steam cleaning or dry cleaning at least annually.

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