Fireplace Designs For Any South African Home

South Africans love fireplaces and they are a common feature in homes around the country. Many of the older houses in South Africa have built-in fireplaces with English-inspired designs. These older versions of fireplaces are fuelled by wood or coal. Unfortunately, this is what makes these types of fireplaces unpopular. If the fireplace is not properly ventilated, the smoke hangs in the air and furniture. Fireplaces give the home a warm, welcoming appearance.
Fireplaces are also favored in new residential housing developments. The designs in these homes are modern, stylish and trendy but usually, these built-in fireplaces are powered by electricity. The South African consumer is already under pressure from the high cost of living and electric powered fireplaces do not help the situation. They are very expensive to maintain.    
Innovative fireplace designs double as indoor braais that have the same flavor and flair of an outdoor braai, only they are mounted inside the building. Indoor braai and fireplace combo units are a whole new take on elegant and stylish entertainment in the home. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs that complement any d├ęcor theme in the home. These devices are a hit in South Africa because of the braai function; now, a braai is only a warm fireplace away.
Environmentally friendly fireplaces come in equally trendy designs and they are fast becoming a popular trend in South Africa s people become more conscious of the effect that negligent human behavior has on nature. For added flexibility and personal style, fireplaces can be permanently secured or come in portable designs.

Double-sided fireplaces are especially preferred by owners of businesses such as hotels, guesthouses and other places of accommodation. This style of fireplaces is a single unit that spans over two rooms. Some even extend over two floors in a building.
In South Africa, it is easy to find suppliers of fireplaces and fireplace accessories. Modern fireplaces are expensive to install but they are a worthwhile investment, especially if an energy efficient fireplace is chosen.  

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