Dcor Ideas For Warm Winters And Cool Summers

Once in a while, homeowners want a different, fresh new look for their home. This inspires renovations but it is important for people to consider cheaper and less intrusive methods first. Seasonal changes to the home décor are relevant and more practical. In summer, the home needs cool colours, light fabrics and more efforts at comfort in the summer heat. Winter home interior décor sees fireplaces, warm yellows and oranges, thick floor rugs, layered curtains and lounge sets just a little closer to the fireplace.

Some interesting, fun and cheap decorating ideas are discussed below.

  • Try moving the furniture around for a different background. Say goodbye to a full matching lounge set by throwing in a single antique chair for winter or a leather recliner in shocking bright colour for summer.
  • Winter colours are warm and passionate. They include gold, blood red, lazy peach and soft naturals. In summer, all the colours are let loose but cool shades of green, blue and floral prints are recommended. Whatever the season, stay away from dull, boring whites.
  • Changing the position of the pictures and centrepieces is also advisable. They must be put in places with maximum light. Candles are great for providing gentle lighting.
  • Invest in an environmentally friendly fireplace. If you already have a built-in fireplace, it is possible to modify it to a greener device. Environmentally friendly fireplaces are energy-efficient and they save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Installing a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one wall of a small lounge or entertainment area seems to increase the volume of the area.  
  • Interior designers recommend that the homeowner keeps at least one item that has spiritual value for the homeowner to creating positive energy and keep it in the home. That is up to the individual. Popular choices include displaying religious artefacts, Feng Shui, Karma and traditional symbols.  
  • In winter, try coating the kitchen cabinets with an extra layer of varnish to give them a homely feel. Light bounces of shiny surfaces and this warms the room in winter.
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