Damp Proofing The Walls

How do you determine whether your walls need damp proofing?  There are a couple of factor which cause dampness and the indications op dampness are things such as bubbling paint or wallpaper and so forth.  Why does this happen?  Your building might be old and when it was built the proper damp proof applications were not used.  Soggy conditions can be caused by clay soil and if this is the type of soil you have then it is imperative that you damp proof your walls.  Your drainage system might be inadequate causing the rainwater to stay on the ground and not draining away or the ground might run at a down slope towards the building.  Obviously burst or leaking pipes will cause a dampness problem.
There are many DIY solutions on the market that can be used for damp problems but you might end up wasting your money as the problem will most probably reoccur if you don’t fix the cause of the problem.  Call in a specialist to asses the problem for you.  They will do a proper inspection finding the cause of the dampness before attempting any solutions.  Proper assessment is vital as not all damp proofing problems can be addressed in the same way.  Damp proofing the walls might include having to reposition the downpipes, repairing of the gutter and maybe even changing the ground levels surrounding the building.   
If you have to damp proof your walls then you need to inject a chemical damp-proof course.  First you need to remove the skirting boards and remove the plaster.  Drill evenly spaced holes along the wall.  Once the injection pump is ready insert the nozzles into the holes and inject the DPC.  Once the surface becomes wet you have injected enough fluid.  This now needs to be left to dry properly, it should take about a month after which time the waterproofing agent can be added and the skirting boards reinstalled.  There are various hints and tips but if you are not sure it will be best to get in the services of a specialist otherwise you will end up with a recurring damp wall which could cause even more damage in the end.

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